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Vipassana / Prana Uccara Meditation Retreat


Vipassana / Prana Uccara Meditation Retreat


Immerse yourself in the world of agama meditation and learn to connect your consciousness with your heart, where you can even realize your-self.

At Agama we like to teach meditation methods that are scientific, rational, crystal clear and accessible to several practitioners. That is precisely why this first contact with Yogic meditation here at Agama is a traditional and efficient method, popularly called Vipassana, but in the traditional text Vijñanabhairava Tantra is known as Prana Uccara and is just the first among 112 meditation techniques for achieving the state of Samadhi or enlightenment.

In this short meditation retreat you will learn precisely how to practice this meditation technique and you will have enough time to practice it next to an experienced teacher, so that you can then use it in your own time as many times as necessary, until you get all the results that this method offers.

This meditation retreat cost 735.000 COP which includes three full days of meditation, with four nights of stay in a dormitory and meals. You arrive in the afternoon, one day before the first day of meditation, when you will have your first dinner and leave the next morning, after the third and last day of meditation, when you will have your last breakfast.

Ultimately, our goal for any retreat at Agama is to take you within yourself in complete new territories, to give you a taste of inner freedom that you will have the choice to cultivate after the retreat. The deep understanding of what meditation is about will give you also discernment to find your path, the path that resonate the most with you.

When you do meditation as a habit every day, it brings many benefits to our mind, body and heart. It helps us reduce stress and anxiety, enhances the ability to concentrate, provides a better rest that will help you face more calmly your daily routine, it increases empathy and socio-emotional skills to balance personal relationships, it gives inner peace in all situations of life, necessary to obtain a deeper vision of reality to find better solutions to our problems, among many many other benefits.

The final porpose of this meditation technique is the attaining of the state of Samadhi and of the condition of Enlightment or liberation. The Tantric text Vijñanabhairava Tantra state ir unequivocally:

“ Whomever will become perfect in even one of this practices will become Bhairava in person; his words become fulfilled and he can give blessings (…)”

“He is liberated while still alive, and unaffected though on all the common activities of life” (Sloka 142a)

Come and join us an see by yourself what this short meditation retreat can do for you.

Schedules of withdrawals:

The suggested schedule may change, depending on the needs and general conditions of the group and what the available teacher at the time wants to offer.

  • 06.00 a 06.50 Meditation
  • 07.00 a 07.45 Breakfast
  • 08.00 a 08.50 Meditation
  • 09.00 a 10.50 Guided Yoga
  • 11.00 a 11.50 Meditation
  • 12.00 a 13.00 Lunch
  • 13.00 a 13.50 Rest
  • 14.00 a 14.50 Meditation
  • 15.00 a 15.50 Analytical Meditation
  • 16.00 a 17.50 Tea Time 06 Silent meditation
  • 18.00 a 18.50 Meditation of silence
  • 19.00 a 19.50 Dinner
  • 20.00 a 20.50 Meditation
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