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Traditional Tantra / Right Tantra

October 17 - October 26



Traditional Tantra / Right Tantra


Traditional Tantra is a path of purification and preparation of our energy and mental system for the awakening of Kundalini and for realizing our true essence.

On the tantric path, we see our entire existence as a non-dual reality, while at the same time this non-dual reality is divided into Shiva and Shakti.

Shiva is considered to be pure consciousness, pure being, manifested and perfect, which is the conscious background of this world. Shakti is everything that manifests in the world, she is pure energy and Creation itself and all phenomena within this manifestation.

When we evolve on the path of Tantra, we learn to meet Shiva and Shakti very intimately, we learn to immerse ourselves in deep meditations of pure and witness consciousness and also to cultivate and direct Energy, so that we can make this manifestation and our life with Our will and tools of Tantra.

In traditional Tantra, we use different tools to purify the energy system, mind and our karma.

In Tantra, we choose an energy with which we want to cultivate and work, being a form of Shiva or Shakti, we combine some tools that evoke this energy in our structure, purify what is needed and amplify this energy in our being.

The most common tools of traditional Tantra, which we also use in Tantra Zhyral are:

Mantra (energy in word),

Yantra (energy in form),

Yagna (fire purification ceremony),

Yoga and Kriya (to purify the energy system),

Bhakti (the path of devotion) and the use of Ayurveda and rare herbs that affect the energy system and are purifying different aspects and levels of our being.

It is of great importance to learn these practices with a competent teacher to keep the processes pure and effective, and it is a great blessing to obtain the guidance of an authentic Master and Guru on the Tantric Path.

In Tantra Zhyral, we are under the guidance and following the path of Shivoham Tantra and Guruji Raj Kumar Baswar Maharaj, the guru of Juan Ananda, the founder of Zhyral and other allies who will come to join our cause

Mantras are energy in words.
A complex science of sounds, words and syllables that requires activation through initiation.

Once the practitioner receives an initiation to a mantra and works with him, he can connect with a specific force from the universe and awaken it within his being.

The mantra can create and effect energy. With the help of mantras, we affect our entire being of all levels: physical, energetic, emotional, mental and causal-karmic.

There are two types of mantras: long mantras and short mantras, which are also called Bija mantras (seeds).

– Bija mantras are made of a single syllable and are the seed; The key that opens a specific energy of the universe.

– Long Mantras are a combination of mantras or Bija words and are a more complex way of working and awakening specific energies.
Long Mantras can also be sentences that have meaning and then can also be used in the path of devotion,
where we take those mantras that are real words and have an emotional meaning for us, and we use them while we sing or in silent repetition as a prayer.

Mantras can be used audibly, quietly or in silent internal repetition.

A Yantra is a sacred geometric form that represents a specific frequency of energy in the form.

The yantras are a complex practice that can invoke energy, deity or Shakti in the symbolic geometric form and, therefore, the practitioner can work directly with that energy.
The practice of tantra is to choose a specific energy to work and then use your mantra and yantra together.
This is where the famous phrase Yantra + Mantra = Tantra comes from.

In Tantra Zhyral we use the practice of Yantras in two ways, both come from Shivoham Tantra and the path of Guruji Rajkumar Baswar:
Live yantras and rice yantras.
Both are yantras that we activate. This means that the Yantra comes alive, wakes up and is filled with “Shakti”, full of the energy with which the yantra is related.
A living yantra is usually made with soil, seeds, plants, copper pots and coconuts, and it feeds on mantras.
Rice Yantras are made with colored rice, copper pots, coconuts and are also authorized by Mantras.
These Yantras also affect the energy of the place and the environment where they are built and where sadhana (practice) is performed.

Yagna is a traditional sacred fire ceremony, related to Tantric and Vedic traditions.

Yagna rituals are a powerful and revered ancient practice.
Purify our conscience and karma.
In this sadhana (practice) we make a fire in a consecrated place and structure, we activate the yagna place with mantras and invocations related to the tantric systems of India and yoga and give offerings to this fire.

Fire represents the “mouth of the goddess”, of the energy with which we work for the specific Yagna. It is also the transforming fire that burns the ego.

In this practice, we give the fire very precise offers to fit the specific energy with which we work.

Rituals are sacred devotional ceremonies that are done to honor
and invoke for a specific energy or power. The rituals are often colorful, cheerful and full of devotion and love.

We often involve different aspects in the ritual, such as specific offerings related to the energy we invoke, music, song, sacred symbols and prayer.

Upcoming withdrawals:
Navaratri March 24, 2020 to April 5, 2020
Lakshmi Diwali October 25 to November 2, 2019

In addition to these two main ones, we also want to do Sadhanas for both the Full Moon and the New Moon of each month, which we hope to publish soon.


In Tantra Zhyral we love both traditional and spontaneous rituals, we practice both rituals dedicated to an energy or couple rituals related to intimacy, we incorporate rituals, puja-s and ceremonies of different traditions. Dedicated to nature, Shiva, Shakti and different celestial events. Our rituals are inspired by the Hindu and Tantric Puja-s and the path of Bhakti.

Just to name a few:
Yoni Puja – a ritual dedicated to Shakti,

The Earth Yoni Puja, dedicated to Mother Earth, both from the path of Bhakti.
Shivalingam puja – dedicated to the supreme divine consciousness – Shiva.
Sacred union: a couple ritual that helps us fall in love with ourselves and with our partners, to see the divinity between us, to create union, love, humility, wandering and holiness.

In Zhyral it is our intention to put into practice everything mentioned above at two very special times of the year called Navaratri and Diwali:

Navaratri – Ma festival
Navaratri is one of the most beloved celebrations in the tantric tradition, this is a celebration dedicated to the Divine Mother.
Navaratri means the nine nights, although in our tradition we sometimes extend the duration more due to sadhana.
During this time we build a live Yantra of the Goddess whom we witness in the specific Navaratri.
The two main Navaratris are called Ashwini Navratri and Chaytra Navratri.

“The purpose of each Navratri is to increase the strength of Shakti (divine feminine) and complete it within the practitioner, helping him to become one with elevated and refined aspects of the universe.”
Read the full article about Navaratri on the Shivohamtantra website

Diwali Sadhana and Lakshmi Abundance Retreats
These programs have been designed to work with the energy of Lakshmi.
Working with Lakshmi specifically is known as a way to increase the flow of financial abundance in life.
This program is for you if you feel stuck in your finances or things in general, it just doesn’t seem to flow smoothly and you want to bring harmony between the spiritual life and the earthly material life.
This is the gift and grace of Ma Lakshmi.

Diwali Sadhana – Lakshmi Abundance Retreat
Program from 1 to 12 days.
Diwali, known as the Festival of Lights, is celebrated by millions of people around the world.

Its three main themes are:
1. The victory of light over darkness.
2. Knowledge about ignorance.
3. Good over evil

According to traditional Tantra, Diwali is one of the most auspicious astrological moments of the year for spiritual practice and evolution.


October 17
October 26
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