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The Law of Origin


The Law of Origin


The law of origin is the order established in nature, in force and invariable for all times and with compliance contributes to the order and balance of life, mother earth and the permanence of the saber and knowledge.

It is the natural law established by our parents and creators of everything so that the Arhuacos will fulfill it and the younger brothers will restrict it.

Thus, the task of caring for the world, through payment is a law for all Arhuacos.

The law of origin is the law of balance and permanence, there the parties are fully related to the whole of things and each people and people of the world are left with a law, a language, a thought, a way of being that must Be fulfilled to maintain balance.

The Arhuacos are a deeply spiritual people, they believe in the existence of a creator and great father: Kaku Serankua, from which human beings and material beings came; other fathers like the sun and the snowy ones, and other mothers like the earth and the moon.

Thus, he considers the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta as the heart of the world and the house where the creative father lives, whose origin was given in the different stones.

This program consists of five full days of teachings, experiences, purifications, meditations, field trips and six days of accommodation, along with the three meals.

  • During these five days, Mammo Bunsi will explain in detail what the law of origin is about, not only in a space conducive to this, a traditional Muiska temple, but using methods such as the word circle, payments and plants sacred as the aid or coca leaf, to induce participants to live organically this law and integrate it into their lives.
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