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Sacred Sexuality / Tantra of the Left


Sacred Sexuality / Tantra of the Left


Our one-week workshop is open to singles and couples alike and is for those who wish to understand Tantric spirituality and experience why Tantra is a unique aproach.

This Workshop has a duration of one week and its focus is open for both singles and couples. Each of the topics is addressed to those who wish to understand and experience tantric spirituality, and because Tantra is a universal and unique discipline.
Zhyral is proud to develop this workshop together with his ally Agama Yoga, known worldwide for being a leader in the teaching of traditional Tantra, based on metaphysics and focused on spiritual realization.

Over time, Agama has graduated thousands of students, who have developed deep experiences, which has changed their lives, being liberating in themselves. From Agama is where the fundamental roots come from where the various teachings of Tantra that today are taught throughout the world in a structured environment arise.

This workshop developed by Zhyral retains the traditional mystical essence, but adjusting the teachings from a modern perspective. The approach is theoretical-practical and its content includes many interactive elements, such as exemplifications, meditations and initiations (energy inductions), also provides supplementary printed and interactive material, such as video projections on relevant topics. The course maintains a commitment to a level of ethical communication, clear and high, the teachings are guided by certified Tantra teachers from different parts of the world, there are no explicit or naked presentations.

Within this discipline, there are many myths that have arisen from the misinformation and stereotypes that come with these teachings.

However, what many ignore is that Tantra is deeply rooted in the traditional teachings of Yoga, Chinese Taoism and Tibetan Buddhism and its information is about the mystery of spiritual eroticism.

The objective of this workshop is to achieve the perfect combination of the fundamentals of Tantra, and to evolve through rituals experienced these benefits in relationships.

Special Considerations:

It is not necessary to have a partner to attend this Tantra workshop. Although the workshops generally have an equal number of men and women, if you come without a partner, Zhyral cannot guarantee that one will be provided.

Practical exercises versus theoretical lectures: workshops generally offer 30-60 minutes of exercises per three-hour session, and the rest includes a conference on tantric theory.

Men should come dressed in white for approx. Two rituals that are done in the workshop. Adequate notice will be given.

Please bring a USB memory of 32 GB capacity, if you wish to receive additional information from the workshop, as a complement to your studies. long time, as support in his tantric path

Our program includes the following topics, adjusted to the needs and preferences of the group:

  • Transfund and definition of Tantra, its various paths and the concepts necessary for a safe practice, which includes: Brahmacharya, Sublimation, Transfiguration, Polarity of energy, the chakra system and the kosha system.
  • New understanding of pleasure. Tools to develop and maintain deeper and more refined orgasms for men and women. Men will learn to differentiate orgasm from ejaculation, while women will know the differences between explosive and implosive orgasms.
  • Metaphysical understanding of the sexuality of the universe and its application to the central practice of transfiguration.
  • Hatha yoga classes designed specifically for tantric practice, to create awareness, purify, open and balance the chakras.
  • Establish a practical framework to identify and overcome sexuality-related inhibitions.
  • Exploration of male and female sexuality and sexual communication.
  • Initiation to the different tantric erotic rituals and empowerment in their independent practice.
  • Tools to direct sexual energy towards a spiritual practice.
  • Techniques to replace old and unhealthy patterns with new and supportive models.
  • Skills to make a relationship a sincere part of spiritual practice and a vehicle for evolution.
  • The true nature of love.
  • The essence of the masculine and the feminine.
  • Ways to empower each other.
  • The art of developing lasting and deep relationships.
  • Traditional, non-traditional tantric teachings, which serve as a tool to help you overcome the challenges and obstacles that arise by deepening love, compassion and transfiguration.
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