Magic and Charm

Sugamuxi is a province of unique nature, cities, markets and people. Our region is home to the Muisca indigenous culture and its sacred places. Sugamuxi , in the heart of the Boyacá region, has 13 villages and is a privileged province with a great diversity of nature and culture to explore. It is found in the tropical highlands of the eastern Andes of Colombia.

We are descendants of the Muisca culture, worshipers of the sun and water. Our traditions are quite particular and rural people in small towns have especially unique ways of dressing, talking and socializing. We share an acute connection with mountains, water and our entire sacred Earth.

We welcome you to Sugamuxi and offer you the heart of our culture, naturalism and heritage. We hope you can explore all it has to offer with relaxation and enjoyment.


Tota Lake

Horseback riding

Explore the area around different points of the Valle del Sol on horseback


Do you want to go fishing for the famous rainbow trout in a beautiful area called «Doquilla»?

Salto Las Candelas

The impressive waterfall “Salto de Candelas” is the second highest waterfall in Colombia

Siscunsí wasteland

The Siscunsi Páramo is located in the highlands of Sogamoso and has beautiful lagoons, countless water sources and the typical frailjones

Paramo de Ocetá

This particular Paramo is considered by the experts in Paramos to be the most beautiful and spectacular Páramo in the world.

Tota Lake

Lake Tota is the largest and highest in Colombia. It has an area of ​​55 km2 and a depth of 60 meters. The lake was one of the most important and secret places of the Muisca culture

White beach

Tota Lake also contains a beautiful white sand beach that can easily be confused as if it were a sea beach


A large part of the inhabitants of Morca live from the exploitation of coal. However, most Colombians know Morca because it is an important place for religious.


Nobsa is known for being the craft center of Boyacá. Here you can find many traditional stores that sell sun better jobs in wool, wood and leather

Sogamoso o Suamox

Sogamoso, also known as Suamox the “city of the Sun”, was a religious center of the Muiscas. Today the second most populous city in the department of Boyacá.

Sun Temple

Something that must be seen is the Archaeological Museum of Sogamoso that preserves what remains of the Muica culture. You will find Muisca mummies, dresses, crafts, jewelry, literally dwarfed heads

Long Point Vineyard

Are you prepared to taste the finest tropical wines in a beautiful vineyard located at a high altitude of 2600 meters? Try and learn about the most exquisite varieties


Iza is a beautiful colonial town very close to Sogamoso. In the native language of the Muiscas Iza means “Place of healing”


Mongui is considered to be the prettiest town in Boyacá. Its very ancestral main square, the basilica, the enigmatic monastery


Tibasosa is a pre-Colombian town that was originally inhabited by Indigenous people. Nowadays the town is famous worldwide for feijoa crops