To live is the miracle

In these turbulent days, since I was diagnosed, a month ago, as time passes by, non-Hodkin lymphoma, I do nothing but figure out what will happen, how I will pass it … and if the worst happens … well, what is happening to me Hard to understand that living is the miracle.THE MOST OF THE MIRACLES A man came to Lin Chi and said: My Teacher is a great psychic. What about yours? What can your teacher do? What miracles? -What miracles has your Master been doing? – Lin Chi

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Breathing techniques or Pranayamas

There is no tantra if you do not handle your breath as you wish. It’s that clear. And even more blunt. If you don’t manage your breath you don’t manage your life. Since you do not handle your breathing, but you breathe the least and unconsciously to survive (thankfully the unconscious is always there to save our lives, because if it is up to us to breathe to survive go away to know what we would have happened already), the interesting question would then be who directed your life? Well,

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Wesak The most powerful full moon of the year.

Wesak is the most important of the Buddhist festivals and is celebrated on the first full moon of May. than go to the control panel of your website. Buddha literally means “who is awake”, enlightened. It is a term that denotes a person who has achieved the supreme wisdom and compassion of enlightenment, a blessed state in which the individual achieves Nirvana, transcends desire and suffering. That is what is trained in Vipassana meditation Wesak is celebrated with great joy and vivid colors. Homes are cleaned and decorated in preparation.

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