To live is the miracle

In these turbulent days, since I was diagnosed, a month ago, as time passes by, non-Hodkin lymphoma, I do nothing but figure out what will happen, how I will pass it … and if the worst happens … well, what is happening to me Hard to understand that living is the miracle.THE MOST OF THE MIRACLES A man came to Lin Chi and said:

My Teacher is a great psychic. What about yours? What can your teacher do? What miracles?

-What miracles has your Master been doing? – Lin Chi askedThe disciple said:-One day he told me to go to the other side of the river and be there with a paper in his hand. The river was very wide, more than a kilometer. He was standing on the other shore, from there he began to write with a pen, and his writing was reflected on the paper I was holding. I have seen this with my own eyes, I witness it! What can your teacher do?-When you’re hungry, eat; when he is sleepy, he sleeps; said Lin Chi-What are you talking about? said the man. And that is what you call a miracle? Everybody does it.Lin Chi continued:-No, nobody does. When you sleep, you do another thousand things. When you eat, you are thinking of a thousand other things. When my teacher sleeps, he simply sleeps; It doesn’t spin or shake, it doesn’t even dream. At that moment there is only the dream, nothing more. And when he is hungry he eats. It is always where it is. What is the use of writing from one shore to another? That is something that would only interest very stupid people. Why does he do this?-Someone went to Ramakrishna and said: My Master is a great man. You can walk on water.That’s stupid! Ramakrishna said. I can go to the boatman and for two pence it crosses me to the other shore. Your teacher is crazy. Go and tell him not to lose his life. That is something that can be done easily.But the mind is always wishing. The mind is nothing more than desire, I long for something to happen. Sometimes he thinks about money, about having more money, a bigger house, about being more respectable, about having more political power.Then one turns to spirituality and the mind remains the same. Now one wants more psychic powers: telepathy, clairvoyance and all kinds of nonsense. But the mind remains the same, wants more. The same game continues …Now it’s about telepathy, clairvoyance or psychic powers: If you can do such a thing, I can do more. I can read people’s minds thousands of miles away.Life itself is a miracle, but the ego is not willing to accept it to protect itself. He wants to do something special, something nobody else does, something extraordinary.Teachings and parables to renew every day.Osho Transformation game.

The moral of

Making a miracle is great, but not great enough.To work a miracle is to remain in the world of ego.True greatness is so ordinary that it never tries to prove anything.What do you say, how are you doing miracles?

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