Art is generally understood as any activity or product carried out with an aesthetic and communicative purpose, through which ideas, emotions and, in general, a vision of the world are expressed, through various languages ​​(plastic, linguistic, sound, body and mixed).

In ZHYRAL we believe that through art, the human being can also grow in consciousness, in the same way as can be done through tantra, yoga, meditation or shamanism and better yet, when an integration of all these sciences is achieved.

For this reason, we have designed for you various workshops to expand your consciousness while having fun, thus reaching the innocence and strength of your spirit.


Upcoming Workshops and Retreats

Walk and Paint

DESCRIPTION: The landscape and vegetation of this beautiful region of the Colombian Andes serve as inspiration for drawings and watercolors, in various mountain walks.What travelers should bringYou only need good […]

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Zhyral, Km. 2 Via Lago La Tota
Sogamoso, Boyacá 152237 Colombia
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