About Zhyral


¿What is ZHYRAL?​

ZHYRAL is the ancestral name of this space where we are; for one hundred years it was called Finca San Pedro.

In Muisca language ZHYRAL means “the way of the gods”.

A center of consciousness that offers workshops and retreats of Tantra, Yoga, Meditation, Ancestrality, Well-being, Environment, Art; and themes that have some connection to our main purpose; that promote the awakening of human consciousness and contribute to having a better world.

We offer original, ancestral, classic, deep, high, strong, intense, responsible, complete, safe, healthy and real programs.

Comprehensive packages that include accommodation in comfortable rooms; Exquisite conscious, healthy and balanced diet in the midst of the country and family environment of a cozy farm where you will enjoy your stay to the fullest.


Zhyral is a center where you access in different ways for your true HAPPINESS which has always been in you as your most precious and natural right.

In Zhyral you will surely find one or more retreats and workshops that fit your taste, needs and evolutionary level; they will simply help you to be a better person to be able to live in greater HARMONY with the Whole and with Nature that are within you.

Those who visit our physical space enjoy facilities with warm environments where we can host small and large groups of Conscience that can stay in private and shared rooms receiving exquisite and nutritious food.

We have two large and comfortable rooms for workshops and retreats; an ancestral ceremonial house, dining rooms, rooms, kitchens; spacious and beautiful gardens; wifi, fireplaces, hot water, panoramic views and in general a very cozy and familiar atmosphere.

In Zhyral you will not only come to study and practice, but you will also experience a lot of fun and ADVENTURE moments.


Juan Ananda

Director and founder


Our History

Zhyral is located at Finca San Pedro, which has been in the hands of our family for over 90 years. For a long time this was a dairy farm that was also used to store rice produced in the plains.

During the last 25 years, the house has been restored and has undergone some changes, with the idea of welcoming guests who want to stay here.

Under the concept of a rural hostel, we opened our doors fourteen years ago to guests from all over the world so that they could relax, enjoy and explore the region.

All of our family members have been travelers, so after touring the world for several years the idea came to us to make the world come and visit us.

We really like to hear all the stories and experiences that our visitors want to tell and we are willing to share with them the knowledge we have about this beautiful region.

This is how the Finca San Pedro hostel was born.

The story that leads us to create Zhyral is also linked with each of our family members:

First and foremost, there is Gilma Irene, the mother of the house, who all her life has been a very restless being who likes to learn about everything, especially regarding health and well-being. For several years she was an artist and has always been attracted to everything that has to do with spirituality and consciousness. It is the love, the soul and the joy of this house and all the allies and participants of the Zhyral programs; you can always find in her a mother who has children all over the world; to a friend who will be listening and observing them very carefully so that they can gladly serve whatever they need.

For 19 years Juan Ananda has been deeply involved in different aspects of spirituality. Initially with transcendental meditation, then with Vipassana, Tantra, Yoga, and Shamanism. Five years ago, he founded a branch of the Agama Yoga school here on the farm, which continues to operate and currently, thanks to his experience and contacts, is the founder of Zhyral.

Felipe Andrés, the older brother is an excellent and brilliant human being by nature; Eight years ago, together with his wife Juanita, he created a foundation that works for the protection of the environment and will therefore be in charge of such programs.

Our younger brother Juan Pablo does not live here. During the last years he has shown a sincere and deep interest in all the subjects of health, well-being, spirituality, meditation, shamanism and in general, Consciousness.