Zhyral, consciousness center where you can experience retreats and workshops that will change your life.  

We promote the awakening of human being conciousness so we can live in a better world. 


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Zhyral, enclosed in the heart of the spectacular, and still without being discovered  region of Sugamuxi, has the ideal space for your well being. 


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Zhyral is the ideal space fo you to develop your own workshops and retreats. 

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Sugamuxi, an area to discover

Zhyral is located in the edge of Sogamoso town, the second most populated city of the beautiful  department of Boyacá, 213 kilometers far from Bogotá.

Sogamoso is also recognized as “the city of the sun”. It is located  at the center of the spectacular region of Sugamuxi, 2569 meters above sea level. It´s average temperature is 15° C (59° F). Our yoga school is located in a beautiful and homey guesthouse placed in a 2 hectares farm, just a few minutes from the urban area, a great place to enjoy and relax.