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Zhyral, nestled in the heart of the spectacular, and yet to discover Sugamuxi region, has the ideal space for your well-being and fullness.

All our retreats and workshops by sections, to reach your fullness.

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Consciousness amd Happiness

Zhyral is a Center of Consciousness where you can access to various ways to find your true happiness, your essence, the one that always has been in you as your most precious and natural right.

At Zhyral find a variety of retreats and workshops that fit your tastes, your needs and also your evolutionary level. We help you find, strengthen your own spiritual path that will result in greater harmony with everything and with the nature that is within you so that you lead a more harmonious and therefore happier life.

Those who visit our physical space enjoy facilities surrounded by beautiful nature with warm environments where we can host small and large groups of conscience that can be accommodated in private and shared rooms.

The food we offer is in accordance with the various workshops and retreats that make up our offer of services, being nutritious and delicious, with ingredients from the region and using small local companies.

We have two large and comfortable rooms for workshops and retreats, an ancestral ceremonial house, dining rooms, rooms, kitchens, large and beautiful gardens, WiFi, fireplaces, hot water, panoramic views, all in a cozy and familiar environment.

In Zhyral you will not only come to study; You will learn more about yourself and recharge your energies. You will also live fully reflective moments, fun moments, where you will meet people with common interests to yours who support your path of positive personal transformation.

Juan Ananda

Director and founder


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To live is the miracle

In these turbulent days, since I was diagnosed, a month ago, as time passes by, non-Hodkin lymphoma, I do nothing but figure out what will happen, how I will pass

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